Rick Tamlyn, Host & Emcee

Rick Tamlyn, Host & Emcee

The Bigger Game Expo celebrates the power, the potential and the magic of the human spirit! It’s a place where hope is made real.

This highly engaging event is open to the public and showcases inspiring bigger game players, speakers, influencers, and global participants who share ideas, resources, and personal experiences in a retreat environment.

Experience keynotes and presentations, panel discussions, interactive exercises, outrageous fun and a few surprises. Expect the unexpected… imagine combining a TED Conference with The Ellen Show!

Come for inspiration, engage with like-minded people, and leave with fresh perspectives and inspiration for changing the way you look at your relationships with your career, family, community, the world, and, equally important, yourself.

Rick Tamlyn, Hay House author and Bigger Game co-founder, is the host and emcee. His unique point of view and Bigger Game methodology help make practical the inspiring moments that you will use in your life and work.

Rick believes that life is all made up, and he motivates the leader in all of us to embrace our full human-ness and human mess. He ignites each of us to become participants in creating the future we desire.

Are you ready for a change or hope that you’ll make a difference in your world? The Bigger Game Expo is your pathway to doing just that. It’s a place where hope is made real.