What We Do

Inspiring Relationships that work

Effective relationships are the key to excellent teams and thriving families.
So often, when relationships aren’t working, we get frustrated with each other and start treating each other as objects or obstacles. Blame, criticism, defensiveness and contempt slow everything down and erode trust.

Usually, by the time people approach us for relationship coaching there is a good deal of stress in the system. Sometimes people are pissed off! Sometimes they just keep misunderstanding each other. Sometimes the relationship has just gone flat.

When we do relationship coaching – whether that be for a business partnership, creative team, romantic couple, or group – we start with conversations to of that discover the strengths and challenges of that system. From there, we create with you the plan for our work together.

Based on the philosophy of CRR Global, as coaches we are listening and looking for “what is trying to happen” in the relationship itself. We not only work for conflict resolution – we are going for conflict evolution.