What We Do

We train coaches and coaching skills in a variety of ways:

First, both Cynthia and David are Senior Faculty of both CTI (The Coaches Training Institute) and CRR Global (The Center for Right Relationship), two internationally known and highly respected companies.

If you are looking for excellent, ICF Accredited, Coach Training where you can get fully trained and certified as a coach, this is the way to go. CTI is a highly experiential one-on-one coach training, CRR Global takes it to the next level with a systems approach to working with partnerships, couples, teams and groups.

Sometimes people simply want to learn coaching skills to be more effective in the work that they already do. Coaching skills like listening, curiosity, creating awareness and making clear requests are extremely useful “people skills.”  We have worked with managers, bankers, IT professionals, early childhood educators, physical therapists and many others to grow these basic skills.

At The Inspiration Point we have  a variety of offerings in this area: One and two day “Coach Approach” trainings are the most popular, and we can design a training specifically for your group. An example of this is the ongoing course we offer through Agile Coaching Institute: The Coaching Stance – which brings basic coaching skills to the Agile/Lean Practitioner & Scrum Master.

On the other end of the spectrum, Cynthia also offers Advanced Training for coaches at the PCC and MCC level. If you are an advanced coach ready to move from “competence” toward artistry and mastery as a coach, you have come to the right place.  If you are looking for a terrific addition to your tool kit, check out “The Inside Team Teleclass” through CRR Global (Yes, it carries  15 ICF CCEUs-continuing education credits).

David and Cynthia are both available as Mentor Coaches for certified coaches.