The Co-Active Leadership Experience

Time to grow your Leadership? Cynthia will be in Toronto leading CTI’s new course: The Co-Active Leadership Experience.

Co-Active Leadership Experience (CLE)

Chicago, IL Chicago, IL, United States

Have you taken the Co-Active Leadership Experience (CLE) yet? Join Cynthia in Chicago for this one.

Co-Leadership Design Retreat

Cynthia starts the year in a design retreat for a new course. She is co-creating a course on Co-Leadership (with Clive Prout) for CRR Global. 

CRR Global: ORS@Work

San Francisco Bay Area

David leads ORS@Work first in San Francisco

CRR Global: ORS@Work

Redmond, WA Redmond, WA, United States

David leads ORS@Work first in Redmond, WA

CTI’s Dance Camp Training

San Rafael San Rafael, CA, United States

Cynthia heads to CTI Headquarters in San Rafael to deliver Dance Camp; training for new CTI Leaders.