Are You Hitting the Ground Running
or Hitting a Wall?

There is a pattern we have noticed in years past, both with ourselves and with many of our clients: Its the pattern of “Setting Oneself Up” for a crash right out of the New Year’s gate.

It goes something like this:

  1. OK, Holidays are here, I’ll relax now and then hit the ground running right after New Year’s.

  2. Enjoy the Holidays (at least a day or two of it, here & there).

  3. Hit Holiday Breakdown (sick, tired, family stress, guilt….).

  4. The Monday after New Year’s Day arrives and this HUGE Saboteur laden expectation comes with it.

  5. By Jan. 20th, only a couple of things have been accomplished from the massive New Year list.

  6. You and your Saboteur decide that you have already blown it for all of 2017!!

If that reminds you of anyone you know,
here’s my invitation to you:

Set yourself up to win.

For me that means:  Focus on my health & well being.  Turn up my awareness of Saboteur filled thoughts about what I should, must, have to do in January.  Focus on who & how I am stepping into BEING in the coming year, rather than what I need to DO.

Get clear on my priorities.  Lace my morning coffee with self-compassion. And LIGHTEN UP!

How will you set yourself up to win for 2017?